Custom Tokens, Designs and Orders

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Coming Soon! We are currently working on a gallery of our past custom designs to give you an idea of what we can do!

We are always happy to do Custom sets of tokens, accessories, awards and coins! No job is too small, or too large! If you are ever interested please just drop us a line to ask for a quote!
Prices vary, and it would be impossible to make a blank statement, but here are a few details about commissioning us for a custom design!

Set Up Fee: Most jobs will require a setup fee, this can run anywhere from $5-$20. This is to convert your design to what we need for the laser to cut.

Design Fee: If you have an image that you want engraved, it has to be in vector (.ai, .eps .wmf) for us to use. If your image is not in vector, we can convert it for a small fee. The cost varies on how complex the design is. We also have libraries of generic designs, if we can use those, there is no design fee. For example, if you wanted to make coins for your gaming club, and just wanted a dragon on them and it wasn’t a specific dragon, we can show you our stock art to pick from. If it is your clubs custom logo, we’d have to have it in vector, or convert it.

Custom Designs : If you don’t have art, and don’t want to use stock art, I am available to design your work from the ground up. This is the most expensive option, but if you are looking for something completely unique and personal, it’s a great way to go!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Even if you just want a quote, let us know. There is no pressure, we just want to work with you!

What qualifies as a custom order?
Custom orders differ from “Crowdsourced” orders in that they are unique designs that will only be sold to the commissioner. These tend to be coins and tokens for conventions or tournaments.  Crowdsourced orders are things that we can resale, say tokens for a popular game. Crowdsourced items do not require any sort of set up fee.