Frequently Asked Questions

I placed and order yesterday! Where is my tracking number?
While we try to have a back stock of some items, AD is ran out of a small house, and we just don’t have the room to stock everything. A good portion of our product is print on demand, this is great because it keeps our costs down, and allows for us to pass that savings on to you. The down side is that we’ve got to cut and engrave everything when it is ordered. Your order will usually be shipped out within a week of it being placed. We do our best to contact customers if there is going to be a delay. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?
Yes we ship world wide! With the exception of some of the heavier items, shipping generally follows these guidelines:
Shipping to the US: $3.50 +.10-.25 per additional item
Shipping Internationally: $5.00 +.10-.50 per additional item

I need my stuff fast! PAX/Gencon/SomeotherCon is coming up I want it for the tourney!
Okay, we can do that. But contact us before you place the order. It is easier for us to send you an invoice so that we can get rush shipping taken care of.

Can you make something just for me?
Sure we can! Check out our Custom Work page for more information.